2-6 DAYS

Do you really want to experience the true yogic way or just perform simple exercises?
Are you ready for this dynamic mixture of raw Hatha yoga, and pure knowledge on how to live your life directly from the most powerful and timeless knowledge around ?
Modern lifestyles and “quick fix” philosophy has seen the introduction of hour long classes of stretching and bending and whilst this is undoubtedly beneficial to many, it is most certainly not a yogic experience. Yoga is so much more than just reaching for your toes, it’s a way to live a life of peace, joy and harmony and can only be taught by one with a pure lineage. Whilst much can be gained from light exercise classes, this is not the practice and teachings of the masters and unfortunately, will not offer you the true benefits of yoga.

This course is designed to introduce and build upon the actual foundation and principles of yoga:

  • Asanas (physical exercises)
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques)
  • Dharna and Dhyana (concentration and meditation)
  • Gyana (knowledge)

Participants are introduced to thousands of years of teachings which will help develop the skills necessary to live in modern society and develop the tools to overcome challenges, gain a strong body and calmer mind.

With an interest and an open mind everyone is welcome to join and each will be guaranteed an experience that will open them to the benefits and provide them with a toolbox to practice real breathing techniques, deep and meaningful stretching and mindful meditation. We use a variety of yogic principles which will take you from powerful energy flows through gentle sinking relaxations and deep meditation.

You will complete this course with a firm foundation and a healthy and balanced knowledge of how to continue practicing, developing and growing at home.

We welcome all levels of attendees as our multifaceted team will ensure a challenging process for each individual participant

If health and strength are your motivation, this is for you. We have worked with athletes, personal trainers and many that have completed yoga retreats and training before. This experiential workshop is designed to take anyone that is willing to the next stage of their personal journey.



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