Over the years I have regularly given lectures, seminars, workshops and public talks around the globe.
My mission has lead me to embark on diverse projects on several in Asia and Europe. Historically such events attracted primarily the youth and corporations. Most recently, however, currently these encompass a more mature audience seeking enlightenment .

Schools, universities, government departments and forward thinking corporate sector clients have reported incredible results following my presentations leading to higher attendance and participation and a more productive yet less stressful working environments.

I take my participants through a metaphorical and highly visualized journey to the dark streets of Copenhagen; gang crime, drug abuse, loneliness, solitude and identity crises, through to the holy temples of India and China where negative and hindering feelings and emotions can be discarded.

It is a highly interactive process that addresses essential topics that hinder personal development and allows participants the opportunity to discard any emotions and feelings that block psychological growth, and acts as a platform from which lifestyle changes can be implemented.

Presentations encourage attendee participation, and by demonstrating techniques that help calm mind and body, attendees experience a small part of my, and their potential, reality.

Creating a life that they are in charge of, setting and reaching goals, and tapping into personal resources to enable true empowerment are the results we aim for.

This and much more is covered in my workshops.



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Do you ever feel like you are stuck in your day to day life, be it emotional or spiritual? That you’ve ground to a halt and don’t know how to proceed? Maybe life has just reached the point where it feels overwhelming and you don’t know which turn to take next. Then these sessions are exactly what you need…