Beginners Course

3 days

Throughout my years of searching, I discovered only a handful of Chinese teachers that were able and more importantly willing, to train me in the true art of qigong.

To practice qigong is to cleanse energy flow around the body in a mild and balanced way. The beginners course consists of just 5 simple yet immensely powerful exercises and requires ongoing self-practice. I introduce this workshop in a secure environment with gentle techniques and assist participants to develop good habits, boost energy and build a solid foundation for ongoing practice.

Advanced Qigong

3 days

Attendance requires you to have completed the Beginners Course

During this process we will explore and introduce participants to a deeper understanding of qi

Power Qigong (da gong)


Attendance requires you to have completed both Beginners and Advanced Courses

Due to the attendance crireria his module is for a select few.

This week long course involves daily practice and participation.

In-keeping with time honored tradition, these techniques can only be introduced with the utmost secrecy and wherever practical within a secure, remote and often secret venue.

These ancient techniques are introduced to a limited few and therefore require commitment and persistence and training is only available in a few locations worldwide.

You will be shown how to move qi around your body making it able to withstand attack or heal by generating immense and immediate energy and boost your personal magnetic field. Participants at this level often experience a sensation of being on fire or other equally powerful forces from within. These techniques are for a select few, and are the pinnacle of qigong practice. Should you wish to follow this path we will discuss and explore suitability on a one to one basis as mind, body and spirit must be aligned to avoid any possible negative impact.



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