Do you ever feel like you are stuck in your day to day life, be it emotional or spiritual? That you’ve ground to a halt and don’t know how to proceed? Maybe life has just reached the point where it feels overwhelming and you don’t know which turn to take next. Then these sessions are exactly what you need. Over a short period of time we will work together to clarify your feelings and options and how best to proceed on a constructive path that will lead you closer to the goals we have identified and you seek. The reality of modern society and the life we lead means that all too often our emotions take over and it can feel like there is no way out.

However, just like a plane that takes off on a cloudy day and moments later the clouds clear, you too can launch into a new reality and outlook.
By introducing the management and coping tools of yoga, qi gong and breathing you too can take off and go beyond the clouds and into the light of a sunny day. Private sessions are tailor-made to help you overcome your challenges regardless of where they emanate; work, home, divorce, depression, aggression etc. I can guarantee you that through my extensive work with individuals in the most extreme of situations, I will share with you my solution focused experience and we will get through it together.



Session will purposefully take an unstructured approach so as to allow you the freedom to bring the topic or topics that are of most immediate concern. From here we will together navigate the emotional maze and with help of breathing, meditation and body techniques we will work on the discomfort that you are experiencing. Sessions will usually conclude with some form of intellectual exercises which you can take away and incorporate into your daily routines. All sessions are client lead, which means that I have no predefined agenda and our entire focus is on you and experience has shown me that the more dynamic the session the more rewarding the long-term outcome.

Whilst Private Sessions can take place via Skype, the best results are only attained by our personal interaction. I have worked with clients around the world in their own countries and homes and workplaces.



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