Each of us has a power within the core of our body which Vedic and Chinese philosophy refer to as fire. The challenge we all face is how to ignite and harness that fire. Over the past 8 years I have studied and traveled the globe where I sought training and knowledge in the arts of Yoga, Kungfu, Healing, and Taoismin in order to better understand that which cannot be seen.

Power Within is an introduction to some of the most powerful and rewarding techniques I have learnt around the world during my years of living within the confines of Temples and Ashrams. Some of the techniques took me months of dali training and ongoing practice before they were eventually revealed, this workshop will enable you to have that experience here and now.

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Introduction to Prana/qi (energy)
7 layers of the human existence


  • The Subtle energy
  • The energy of sounds
  • Unlock the power within
  • Guided deep rest and relaxation
  • Theory: about female and male every yin/yang theory
  • Theory: how to manage the Modulations of the mind


Healing qigong
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This workshop is for you if you are ready to:

  • Explore your physical and energetic body
  • Go deeper into your practice
  • Gain an insight into who you really are
  • Unlock your superpowers
  • Increase lung capacity



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